For Visitors

What to Expect

An Overview of Our Church

We welcome all visitors to UUCH, whether you are looking for a new church to begin attending, a visiting UU from out of town, or just curious.

Finding Us: Here is a link to a map to our NEW location (3921 Broadmor Rd.). We are in a small neighborhood off of Oakwood and Jordan Ln. This location has plenty of parking and is handicap accessible.

Services begin at 10:45, with childcare and Children’s Religious Education Classes available. One of our Sunday morning Greeters will be happy to help you find the right classroom for your children. School age children are generally in the sanctuary with the adults for the first 15 minutes of the service, and then they go to their Religious Education classes for the remainder of the time. We also have a nursery for children too young to be in a class, and it is always attended by two qualified adults. The children’s classes and the nursery are in the RE wing of the new accessible facility.

Generally, dress is casual on Sunday mornings, and tends to be even more so in the summer. That said, all manner of dress is welcome, including traditional Sunday dress-up if you prefer.

The format of our Sunday service is not much different from many mainstream Protestant churches, in that we have traditional components like responsive readings, hymns, sometimes a choir piece, a story for children, and a sermon. Our minister preaches most Sundays, but is out of the pulpit approximately once per month, and for a few weeks in the summer. Those Sundays we hear a sermon or talk from a guest speaker or one of our own church members.

We invite you to stay for coffee or tea after the service if you are able.

Please return several times to get a good feel for our Sunday services. Each service contains elements that are standard to our worship time together; in addition we strive to include elements from the world’s varied cultural and religious teachings. In our efforts to be a multi-cultural and inclusive ministry we hope you will find unique perspectives and thoughtful discourse.

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