Joint Statement on Raising the Minimum Wage—A Moral Imperative

The Rev. Peter Morales, president of the Unitarian Universalist Association, and the Rev. Bill Schulz, president and CEO of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, issued a joint statement in support of legislation to raise minimum wages in the United States. It begins, ‘We’ve been told we’re in the middle of an economic recovery. But the truth is that while the stock market is closing at unprecedented highs, workers who make minimum wage are not recovering—they’re barely putting food on the table.’ Read More

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

In the era of colorblindness, it is no longer socially permissible to use race, explicitly, as a justification for discrimination, exclusion, and social contempt. Yet, as legal star Michelle Alexander reveals in her book The New Jim Crow , today it is perfectly legal to discriminate against convicted criminals in nearly all the ways that it was once legal to discriminate against African Americans. Once you’re labeled a felon, the old forms of discrimination—employment discrimination, housing discrimination, denial of the right to vote, denial of educational opportunity, denial of food stamps and other public benefits, and exclusion from jury service—are suddenly legal. Read More