Our Leadership


Interim Minister: The Reverend Ed Brock  – Minister@uuch.org

Office Administrator: Amanda Schuber  – UUCH@uuch.org

Director of Religious Education: Erin Reid  – DRE@uuch.org

Music Director: Pam Siegler – Music.Director@uuch.org

Children & Youth Religious Education Assistant: Harper Goodman – CYRE.Assistant@uuch.og

Board 2019-20

> Please direct email to – Board@uuch.org

President: John Schulz – President@uuch.org

Vice President: Denise Runnels – Vice.President@uuch.org

Secretary: Nick Wilbourn – Secretary@uuch.org

Treasurer: David Bollinger – Treasurer@uuch.org

Trustee: Bryan Walls

Trustee: Ed Bernstein

Trustee: Jack Long

Council 2019– 2020

> please direct email messages for all Council chairs to Council@uuch.org
or call the church office at 256-534-0508

Chair: Denise Runnels – Vice.President@uuch.org

Care Committee Co-Chairs: John Jeter & LaSawn Edwards – Care@uuch.org

Denominational Representative: Susan Coddington – Denom.Affairs@uuch.org

Finance Chair: Bob Locklear – Finance@uuch.org

Hospitality Chair: Kathryn Heath & Jessica Schulz – Hospitality@uuch.org

Membership Chair: Pam Korb – Membership@uuch.org

Music Chair Chair: Rachael Scheib – Music@uuch.org

Nominating Committee – Nominating@uuch.org

Property Chair: Wanda Snoddy – Property@uuch.org

Religious Education (Adult) Chair: Lynsie Lamitie – Adult.RE@uuch.org

Religious Education (Children and Youth): Steve Rittenberg – Children.RE@uuch.org

Social Justice Co-Chairs: Emily Garrison & Ken Sandlen – Social.Justice@uuch.org

Technology Chair: Will Garrison – Technology@uuch.org

Worship Chair: Deborah Delacey – Worship@uuch.org

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