Worship Lay Leaders

Worship Committee

Providing Worship Services with Sacred Variety

Our worship lay leaders work to provide consistently high-quality worship services that remind us who we are and inspire us to become the transformation we seek for our world.

The congregation’s desire for variety in worship that appeals to appetites for challenging and inspirational, as well as spiritual and meditative, worship services requires a well-trained group of lay volunteers as well as professional ministry and staff. The minister and the worship committee therefore are working together to create a Worship Associates Program. As professional staff, the Director of Religious Education and the Choir Director also share input.

This approach to planning and conducting worship brings ideas, themes and suggestions from members of the congregation who have a special interest and training in worship. They bring their enthusiasm, their passion, and their expertise to topics for worship. The Worship Associates Program is designed to pool talents and efforts that keep each worship service fresh and lively.

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