Meet the Candidates for Moderator

The Unitarian Universalist Association Board of Trustees has nominated two candidates to run for moderator of the association. Jim Key and Tamara Payne-Alex will stand for election at the 2013 General Assembly to replace Gini Courter, who has served as… Read More

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UU World: Spiritual Connections to the Universe for Teens

Early adolescence is often a time when a child’s appreciation of the magic that younger children see everywhere in the world becomes squelched or outright ignored. Wide-eyed wonder about life and the universe isn’t “cool” and gaining the respect of their peers often becomes tantamount. By the time they have become teenagers, most children have already developed that ever-present internal critic that haunts adults. This can keep youth from being fully present in any moment, let alone experiencing the sacredness of life or a connection to the divine. Read More

UU Board and the Doctrine of Discovery: Accountability in Action

When our Association’s Arizona Immigration Ministry met with our social justice partners there, we received one clear request for an agenda item at GA 2012. Our partners said that the single most important piece of business we could do at GA 2012 was to study and repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery and support the full implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. Further, they asked us to have our congregations study this issue and how it is related to the ongoing oppression of indigenous peoples whose lands straddle the US-Mexico border. Read More