Pedaling for Hope

Bicycling ministers turn long-distance rides into opportunities to raise funds and awareness for charitable causes. They describe their rides – one as long as 3,300 miles – as powerful experiences, both physically and spiritually, beyond their ability … Read More

UUA Looking Beyond Traditional Congregations

Whom does your Unitarian Universalist congregation serve? Is it focused only on those who become members? Or does your congregation also serve other people who might have less obvious connections to the congregation? These questions and others are being asked in conversations among UU leaders this winter and spring about how to broaden Unitarian Universalism’s reach. Read More

Partners in Justice

The UUA’s immigrant rights partners in Arizona help communities in peril. This network of activists is working with Unitarian Universalists to promote immigrant rights in Arizona as the Unitarian Universalist Association’s 2012 Justice Genera… Read More

How My Testimony Went Viral

Zach Wahls’s testimony before the Iowa House Judiciary Committee about his two-mom family become an internet sensation. From Zach: ‘As I approached the microphone to testify, I saw for the first time just how many people were in this massive … Read More